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What Is AHRC Business Links ?

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AHRC Business Links New York City Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The foundation offers businesses and individuals with disabilities trained and qualified employees. While the Foundation takes precautions to protect personal information, it makes no guarantee that the use of this website will be virus-free or secure.

AHRC Business Links New York City Foundation makes no guarantee that the use of this website is protected from viruses
While AHRC New York City Foundation makes reasonable efforts to ensure that information on this website is virus-free, the website can be infected with a virus. Users should take reasonable precautions to scan their computer systems for viruses. In addition, it is important to make a complete backup of their system. In addition, newer viruses are designed to execute when a word-processing document is loaded.

In addition, users should keep in mind that the internet is not a secure medium. This means that unauthorized people can obtain personal information or access it. Even e-mail can be intercepted or forged. Therefore, HAF cannot guarantee the security of this information. It also cannot be held liable for any damages or errors caused by transmission of confidential information or e-mail.

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