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What is a CBD Face Mask?

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A CBD face mask is the same as most face masks that you can purchase, however, it contains a key ingredient that most others don’t, which makes it more appealing to customers due to the benefits associated with the unique compound. Of course, we are talking about CBD.

CBD has begun taking the beauty industry by storm as it can offer such a wide range of benefits to us both physically and mentally. Completely legal, CBD is a chemical compound that is derived from the hemp plant. It is the part of a cannabis plant that does not have any psychoactive properties, meaning it’s completely safe. There are still so many questions around CBD from potential customers, even down to the basic “Can CBD oil be used topically”.

It is often a misconception that such products will have side effects including making customers feel “high”, which is completely not the case. The chemical compound they are referring to in this instance is THC. THC, when in doses above 0.3% is illegal. No CBD product on the market will contain over this amount if any at all. This amount alone is not enough to get you to feel high or have any psychoactive side effects. If for some reason you do experience side effects, that could be due to an allergy you may have and it’s best to seek help from a doctor.

Benefits of Using A CBD Fask Mask

There is a whole list of benefits associated with CBD goods. The chemical itself can be used in different forms and gives off both physical and mental benefits. Here are some of the most important CBD benefits when being used as a face mask:

  1. Antibacterial properties
  2. Reduces inflammation and redness
  3. Targets dry and damaged skin
  4. Antioxidant properties
  5. Hydrates the skin

These benefits are why CBD face masks serve a purpose in our skincare routines. These benefits will help our skin to look healthier which not only benefits us physically but also mentally as it leaves us happier and feeling more confident.

How To Use a CBD Face Mask

If you’re new to face masks in general then you’re probably wondering how to apply a face mask and how long you should keep it on. Below we have created a quick and easy step-by-step guide that you can follow.

  1. Before the face mask is applied, the skin needs to be in a clean state, therefore cleanse your skin to remove any dirt prior to the face mask is applied.
  2. Take the face mask out of the packaging and apply it to your face, ensuring it is placed correctly.
  3. Maintain the face mask in position for around 20 minutes. During this time, you’re free to relax, make some food or drink, watch TV, or soak in a bath. If you’re planning to do the latter, you may want a CBD bath bomb with that!
  4. Slowly peel the mask off and allow the moisture to sit on your fresh feeling skin.
  5. Results should be visible quite quickly. It’s common to apply face masks in the evening, in which case, wait until the next morning for optimal results.

Now that you’re aware of how a CBD face mask can be used, don’t let that stop you from venturing into the world of CBD, taking a look at all the other popular goods, such as CBD hand lotion (50ml, 500g CBD), as well as CBD cartridges and more.

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