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Walmart Call Out Number for Damaged or Missing Items

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When you shop at Walmart, you can expect a consistent level of quality from your purchase. But if something goes wrong, you need to know how to lodge a complaint. Searching online has its perks, but it can also be a minefield of hidden fees, delivery costs, and replacement charges. If you’ve been charged for something you didn’t order or received damaged merchandise, you’ll need to know how to lodge a complaint.

According to the website Complaint.com, the best way to get your issues resolved is by calling the number for the store where you made your purchase. The website also provides a list of the Walmart call out number, along with a brief description of the type of complaint.

What to Expect from the Walmart Call Out Number

When you call the Walmart call out number, you’ll be talking to an employee who may or may not be aware of your complaint. If the employee isn’t able to take your call, you will be transferred to a manager. And if you still haven’t received a call back after two weeks, you can always follow up with a formal complaint letter.

How to Call the Walmart Call Out Number

Unfortunately, Walmart isn’t keen on making the number for its customer service department available to the public. This means that if you want to call the number, you’ll need to do so from inside one of the company’s stores.

Here’s how the process works:

Find the phone marked “Customer Service” or “Store Support” In-Store:

  • If you’re calling from an in-store phone, look for the phone marked “Customer Service” or “Store Support”
  • If you’re calling from somewhere else with another phone, look for the phone marked “1-800-333-6767”

Call the number from inside the store.

What to Do After Making a Complaint

Walmart’s policies are in place for a reason, so don’t let a broken item or bad experience put you off shopping there in the future. Here’s how to handle the situation if you call the number, attend the store management meeting or submit a complaint letter:

Receive a refund or replacement: If an in-store associate can’t help you, but you’d like a refund or replacement, bring your damaged merchandise to the customer service desk so they can issue you a refund.

Follow up with a manager: If you don’t get a satisfactory response from the associate or store manager, you can always follow up with a manager yourself.

File a complaint: You can also submit a formal complaint online via the website. However, the Better Business Bureau recommends that you first attempt to resolve your complaint directly with the company.

Complaint Handling at Walmart

If a customer service representative isn’t able to help you or your issue isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can always file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well as on social media. The BBB says that even if you don’t plan on using the company, a complaint can still help other consumers identify potential problems and put pressure on the company to improve.

Bottom line

We’ve all gotten into a few online shopping tussles with our words and reviews, but a damaged or lost item and a broken promise from a store associate can turn into a real headache. If you’ve been burned by a broken promise at Walmart, the company’s call out number is the best way to get your issues resolved.

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