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US hospitalization crack record

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CDC; Omicron variant is now responsible for 98% of new infections nationwide.  

Coronavirus infection in the US shows no signs of slowing down.63. Millions of Americans have contracted the virus since the start of the pandemic.750,000 with more than 1700 deaths every single day. The CDC; says you are responsible for a person’s covid cases.

Currently, the number of newly hospitalized with COVID-19 nationwide has already surpassed last winter’s number. It is not just adults. Pediatric hospitalization is at their high patron. The Biden administration is increasing support to keep students in school.

 The prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has canceled his trips because his family is suffering from Omicron, will “follow the direction of treating handy connections, carrying out daily checkups and reducing unity with others” but will carry on to maintaining appointments and “for the broad part that will be done essentially”.

So, this is the solicitude that we have and, as we notice, if the cases increase transmissibility, which is what we are observing, we will have more cases in the future. More cases mean more hospitalizations and more hospitalizations can destroy health care systems that are already overwhelmed into a category where people will not get the convenient concern that they need.

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