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Top Reliable Methods of Making Money with Cryptocurrency

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The modern world has progressed to the point that for some people fiat money becomes irrelevant. The appearance of cryptocurrency and its common use in a lot of spheres changed the understanding of finances for a lot of people.

Digital money is typical to come by if you are a regular internet user. But where do they come from? How do others earn them? Experts at Rosloto decided to analyse the top proven methods on how to obtain Bitcoin, Lithium, and other tokens on a stable basis.


While cryptocurrency trading has become so widespread, it is hardly profitable anymore. It is beneficial to resort to other, less popular yet still efficient methods. Leasing implies borrowing tokens at a certain interest.

A manager can issue such loans to traders or cryptocurrency exchanges. The latter use leasing assets to increase the degree of liquidity of a particular token. The main benefit of this earning method is the possibility to get large sums without effort.

The owner of the crypto lease can issue agreements:

  1. Indefinitely. The interest rate, in this case, will be low, but the lender has the right to withdraw earnings at any time.
  2. For a specified period. The interest rate is high, but the received dividends can not be accessed before the end of an agreement.


This method will never get old, especially when the technological possibilities of the hardware improve at a lightning pace. Cryptocurrency mining has been popular since the appearance of digital assets. Its convenience lies in the absence of many efforts to generate profit. All operations are handled by the equipment.

At the same time, the processing algorithm is extremely complex. A miner requires high-performance equipment, which has always been expensive. Today, lovers of such an earning method use powerful GPUs. An alternative to this can be dedicated mining equipment, which focuses on specific crypto.

To engage in mining successfully, you will need an initial capital of a few thousand dollars to purchase the necessary hardware and cover bills. All investments pay off on average in about half a year.


Quite a creative way of earning with crypto in 2022 is setting up a site that accepts digital currency. The main difference here to the regular casino platform is the lack of necessity to licence the project. Due to the decentralised nature, a crypto casino needs a registration only to accept fiat currency as well as boost players’ trust in the playing portal.

How can you quickly set up a Bitcoin gambling site:

  1. Create a platform where all operations will take place.
  2. Purchase or rent the necessary Bitcoin casino software.
  3. Apply for a gambling licence to accept regular money and showcase the business’s reliability. (Optional)
  4. Integrate auxiliary programming support (CMS, protective systems, payment gateways).
  5. Advertise the project via social networks, optimising to search engines and affiliate marketing.

A crypto casino can be set up within a few weeks and its complete payoff can be as soon as 3–6 months.


Today, many people call the method a close analogue of mining. In some ways, staking is similar to opening a deposit in a banking facility. One of the main differences is that the account is opened in digital currency. In addition, percentages are much higher here, meaning eventual profitability is bigger. A monthly rate can be as high as 3%.

To begin earning with staking, a person needs to transfer tokens to a special account on the exchange. The user will receive passive income in the long run. Besides, unlike mining, there is no need to buy any additional equipment.

It is also necessary to keep in mind a few peculiarities of staking. Profitability is minimal, in comparison to other ways of earning with crypto. Also, it is vital to select only the most reliable exchange platforms as their closure can mean an instant loss of all capital.

Professional Assistance with Crypto Earnings

Being able to invest digital tokens wisely and make money work for you is a mastery. Putting crypto savings at risk can mean an abrupt end to all earnings. That is why cooperation with a professional guide company can grant an in-depth analysis of the market and sensible investments into the right niche.

Online gambling with crypto became one of the trendiest entertainment directions of the last few years. An aggregator Rosloto can help set up a profitable project in a brief period.

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