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Top 3 Types of Watches for Men You Can Buy Online

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Did you know that American households spend around $146 each month on apparel? If you’re looking to spruce up your appearance, consider using some of your fashion dollars on a new watch. You’ll always know the time and you’ll look good. 

Read on to learn about the 3 types of watches for men you can buy online!

1. Get a Field Watch

When it comes to men’s watches, a field watch should be a staple in a man’s collection. Field watches are a good addition to your weekend wardrobe or casual workweek attire. 

These watches don’t have the level of glitz that other watches have. But they do bring a better level of durability to your wardrobe. Go hiking in a field watch or head to the ballgame knowing you’ve got a rugged timepiece on your wrist. 

Typically, field watches consist of a dial that features strong contrasts and legible numbers. The face will be easy to read, and you can trust that the glass encasing the numbers can withstand scratches and abrasions.

Go with a nylon band for a sportier style. Or turn to leather if you want your field watch to be a little more polished. Check out SEVENFRIDAY watches for sale when you’re ready to add a watch to your collection. 

2. Invest in a Dress Watch

If you’re looking at watches online, be sure to give dress watches some consideration. Especially if you get dressed up for work events or nights on the town, a good dress watch can elevate your outfit. These watches tend to have a low profile, smaller face, and simple design. 

Go with a leather band for a rich and masculine sense of style. Or add some bling with a link bracelet. As another option, choose a watch with a deep navy face and a silver bracelet for a crisp look that can pair with your favorite cardigan and blue jeans.

Dress watches are the perfect addition to a man’s wardrobe. They’ll make any outfit look classier!

3. Try a Racing Watch

If you want to buy a watch that catches someone’s attention, you can’t go wrong with a racing or chronograph watch. These watches can help you keep time, whether you’re counting laps or watching a road race. And to get a stunning timepiece, you won’t have to budget as much as you would for a dress watch. 

You’ll love the extra dials that can serve as timers. With so much movement within these watches, the face tends to be a bit larger than in other types of watches. Get one with a tachymeter scale for a showy face that will add intricacy to your style

Explore Different Types of Watches

Look at the different types of watches you can find online to zero in on the perfect option. For classier affairs, a dress watch can enhance a blazer or button-down shirt. But for everyday activities, a racing watch or field watch provides style and function.

When you need more tips on finding the best men’s accessories, check back soon for new articles!

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