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The Ultimate Texas Tech vs Oklahoma Showdown!

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Are you ready for the best rivalry in college football? The one that started in 1968 and has only gotten more intense since? Here’s your chance to make it official: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma! On a weekly basis, these two teams put on an impressive show for their supporters. They meet for the annual Big 12 Championship and the rest of the season is non-stop between them. These games are so much more than just another game between two AFCA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision schools. They’re showcase events where fans can see some of the best college football action around. So, who will come out on top this year? Let’s take a look at what makes both programs so special:

The rivalry is big: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
The Big 12 Conference contains some of the most loyal and rabid college football fans in the country. There’s no sugar-coating the fact that when these two teams play, it’s a battle to the finish. It’s not just the fans who get into the act; the players, coaches, and even the staff take this game very seriously. You don’t win the Big 12 Conference Championship without having proven to be a tough out for the rest of the conference.

The players are equally as important: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
You’d be hard-pressed to find two programs with a stronger mutual interest in their success than Texas Tech and Oklahoma. The players on both teams are every bit as important as the coaches. The players on both teams also make a big difference in the success of their teams. Texas Tech’s QB, Patrick Mahomes, has been one of the most unstoppable players in college football this year. He’s led the Red Raiders to their second consecutive Bowl Championship. On the other side, Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy-winning QB, Baker Mayfield, is already one of the top young players in the NFL. This highly-touted recruit has turned around a program that was once on the brink of bankruptcy and made it one of the most appealing programs in college football.

The coaches are equally as passionate: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
Both head coaches for these two schools, David Beaty of Texas Tech and Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma, are amongst the most passionate college football coaches in the business. Both men are also aggressive and demanding. They demand the most out of themselves, their players, and the program. They push their teams to the brink and beyond then, and they expect nothing less than their utmost from their peers and the fans. Both coaches have proven to be successful at the professional level. Riley is a two-time reigning NFL Coach of the Year who is also a former college assistant coach. Beaty is in his second year as the Red Raider’s head coach.

The fans are just as rowdy: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
Yes, the players and coaches are very important. But what sets these two programs apart is the fans. Texas Tech and Oklahoma fans are among the rowdiest in college football. They’re not only constantly in the game, but they’re also known for their passion and intensity when they’re in the stadium. In fact, a survey of Oklahoma fans found that they’re the most intense group of college fans in the country. And that’s not even including the thousands of tailgaters that come out every year to watch the games. These games are all about the fans, and they can be as rowdy as the teams playing.

The games mean the world to these programs: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
Both programs came out of nowhere to become national powers. Texas Tech’s rise to prominence started in the early 1960s as an independently-financed Division I-AA school. From there, the Red Raiders went on to win three national championships in the subsequent four seasons. After the 1968 season, the University of Houston (now University of Texas-Houston) began a series with Texas Tech that’s still going strong 31 years later. It’s become a major showcase event in the American college football calendar. The rivalry between these two schools is also very much about heritage. The Texas Tech Red Raiders are the original college football team from the Big 12 Conference. The University of Houston Cougars is also member of the American Athletic Conference, which is part of the Big 12.

What’s next? Can either team hang with the big guy?
This is the culmination of two campaigns. The Red Raiders and Cougars will meet for the Big 12 Championship this coming Saturday. Once they’re done with that, both teams will have tough schedules ahead. The Red Raiders have a number of games against Top 25 teams, while the Cougars host in-state rival Tulsa. At the end of the regular season, they’ll face each other in the conference championship game.

Is there any chance of a repeat?
The rematch between these two teams is always a great show. In fact, the selling points for the 2014 game were that it would be the rematch and that it would be at home. But it’s hard to tell with these two teams if they’ll be a repeat performer or not. Both teams appear to be on the upswing. The Cougars have been to three straight bowl games and the Red Raiders are making a run at the conference title. Both teams have major questions at the quarterback position. There’s also a chance that neither will make the Top 25 this coming season. But regardless of what happens in the second matchup between these two, the rivalry will be relevant for a long time. So, yes, it’s a great opportunity to show the nation what kind of football power these two teams are.

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– Get the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter and More! What’s next? Can either team hang with the big guy? When the Big 12 expanded from 10 to 12 teams in 2012, it included the addition of TCU and Texas Tech. The two additions made for a very exciting start to the season. The winner of this game will go on to play in the Big 12 Championship against the winner of West Virginia and Oklahoma. The winner will go on to play in the B12 Championship game against the winner of West Virginia and Oklahoma.

What’s the rivalry? The rivalry between Texas Tech and Oklahoma is one of the most intense in college football. The two programs come from different conferences, play in different cities, and have different traditions, but they still battle it out in the annual Big 12 Conference championship game.

What’s the history? This is the seventh time the two schools have met in the Big 12 title game. The first three games were played in Oklahoma City and the remaining three were held in Texas. The Red Raiders hold a record of 5–1 against Oklahoma in the Big 12 and have never been to a bowl game after the conference championship.

How should I watch it? TV: ESPN Online: WatchESPN Radio: KFNC 620 AM in Dallas, KLTH 97.5 FM in Tulsa, and KKSE 100.3 FM in Oklahoma City Google:

Click here for results and scores How has Oklahoma changed? This is the second year in a row that the Big 12 has expanded to 12 teams. That means there are now 12 teams in the conference with new members to add to the mix. In addition to the traditional big schools, the Big 12 has added two more schools with access to the NCAA Tournament.

How has Texas Tech changed? The Red Raiders were once a strong team in the Big 12 Conference, but have seen their wins and football program fall in recent years. Nowadays, they are one of the more than 50 sports that are members of the Big 12 Conference. This will be

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