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The Top 5 Games You Can Play with Your Kids That Are Not Blocked

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No time to play games? Sick of the same old board games? Looking for some fun activities to keep the family entertained? Well, look no further. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 games you can play with your kids that aren’t blocked. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Unblocking games

There are a lot of great games that your kids can play, but they’re often blocked because you’re worried about them being too rough or destroying your house. This isn’t one of those games.

A great game for unblocking games is Bingo. Yes, the bingo game you know and love to hate. You can actually play bingo in a very relaxed and controlled way. There are a few different variations you can try. You can play simplified bingo, draw bingo, or make your own bingo cards.

With your kids, you can also play strip bingo. All you have to do is remove each suit until you get a bingo. You can play this game with a maximum of six players.

2. Play alone time

There’s no better way to spend quality time with your child than to play games together. Whether it’s board games, card games, Yahtzee, or doing crafts together, you and your child can have hours of fun playing games without anyone else getting in the way.

One game that’s great for this is hidden and seek. This one’s a classic and for good reason. Not only does it teach your kids how to get along with others, it’ll also help with their eyesight and hand-eye coordination.

3. Get creative

Creative play is king. It’s what helps kids develop their imaginations and gives them plenty of opportunities for creative problem-solving. If you’re looking for games that are not blocked, this is one of the best options.

One of the first things you can do is look around your home. There’s bound to be something your kids can use for a game. A basket, a towel, a shoe, a sock—the list goes on. You get the idea.

For example, your child can use an empty tissue box to hide a treat inside. You can put the treat anywhere in the house and then have your child search for it. The only way to find the treatment is if they’re open to using their imagination.

4. Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way for kids to burn off energy and use their brains. It can be tough to find activities to do with kids that don’t involve electronics. This is one of the few games that are both fun and brain training at the same time.

A great place to start a scavenger hunt is in your neighborhood. Look around your neighborhood and see if you can find things that haven’t been touched or explored by your kids.

For example, your child might notice there are a lot of broken toys in the park across the street. You can have them go through the park, picking up and putting away toys as they go. This activity will help them learn about responsibility, following directions, and social skills.

5. Teach valuable life skills

Kids are constantly learning and growing. Games are a great way to help them develop important life skills. Your child can learn how to interact with others, share, take turns, and do many other things.

One great way to teach these valuable life skills is through playing board games. You can play a variety of different board games that can help your child learn how to interact with others, follow directions, and share.


For many parents, the idea of playing board games with their kids is daunting. They worry that their house will get destroyed or that they’ll be bored out of their minds. Trust us; you don’t have to play board games with your kids that are blocked. You can play the top 5 games listed above. They’re all great games and are sure to keep your kids entertained.

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