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The Complete Guide for a Waterless Car Wash

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Singaporeans are not privy to the significance water performs in our lives. We nevertheless use 2 hundred to four hundred liters of water whenever we wash our motors, notwithstanding having firsthand understanding approximately how vital it’s miles.

Waterless vehicle washes now no longer simplest are higher for the environment, however in addition they produce similar or higher outcomes to a water-primarily based totally wash.

A waterless vehicle wash is likewise called a spray-on vehicle wash, dry vehicle wash, and vehicle wash. But there are numerous different options. We could be masking the fundamentals of a Waterless Car Wash, a way to attain them, and the way you could do it at domestic the usage of minimum water.

I. What is a waterless vehicle wash?

Waterless vehicle washes are eco-friendly, green, and use little or no water. A waterless vehicle wash also can be called a spray-on vehicle wash or no-water vehicle wash. This lets your vehicle be serviced in tight spaces, now no longer too narrow, at the same time as protecting water.

Waterless soaps are extra green than ordinary cleaning soap, as they need to make up for the lack of water. Waterless vehicle washing is extra green than water-primarily based totally methods. A waterless vehicle detailing system might also additionally require the simplest bucket to clean your towels. This is in evaluation to the 50 to one hundred gallons required to easy a strain washing machine, hose, or hose.

II. What is a Waterless Car Wash?

Waterless vehicle washing makes use of excessive-lubricity sprays to clean and varnish the car’s bodywork. High lubricity chemical compounds withinside the spray entice dust and dirt particles. The system works in a comparable manner to water to get rid of dust. However, the aggregate of waterless and vehicle wash merchandise is extra powerful because of their better lubricity.

Spray the automobile’s floor with the formulae, then wipe it easily. This will get rid of any dust and stains on your vehicle’s floor. This is good for motors without dried dust. Cars with medium to heavy dust need to now no longer use a waterless vehicle wash.

Any car detailer will endorse wiping down your vehicle the usage of a waterless vehicle washing spray. Water can now and again reason harm to your bodywork or go away marks if it’s miles achieved incorrectly (suppose water jet spray). An excellent microfiber is wanted to clean a waterless vehicle.

Microfiber towels are used because of their softness and excessive absorbency. This facilitates to choice of dust particles. The waterless vehicle washing product will now no longer scratch or harm your vehicle’s paint if it’s miles used well.

III. Environmental Impact of a Waterless Car Wash

Corner vehicle wash people use massive quantities of water to soak the bodywork in cleaning soap and water to take away as plenty dust as possible. ).

Normal Commercial Car Wash:

Commercial vehicle washes can use as plenty as a hundred and seventy liters to 450 liters of water. This is only for one vehicle.

Waterless Car Wash:

Waterless vehicle washing simplest calls for 0.1 liters of waterless vehicle shampoo in line with a vehicle. You would possibly want to clean the complete vehicle if the automobile is blanketed in dust. Most automobiles in Singapore may not be blanketed in dust. It is just too superior for dust on a lot of our automobiles in Singapore.

IV. Waterless Car Wash Products

Professional cell detailers blend exceptional styles of excessive-lubricity sprays to make their personal merchandise. If you aren’t an expert at vehicle detailing, we strongly endorse that you do now no longer use homemade merchandise.

It is higher to shop for a waterless vehicle wash purifier from experts. The waterless vehicle washing machine from Aero’s Cosmetic, a pinnacle-promoting emblem worldwide, will price you around S$99.90. It will wash your vehicle up forty times.

V. The Guide for A Waterless Car Wash

First, you may want as a minimum 3 to 4 easy microfiber towels. Then, you may want a ready-to-use waterless vehicle washing product. Microfiber towels need to now no longer exceed three hundred grams in line with the rectangular meters in weight. Your vehicle may be broken through a negative first-rate towel or grimy towel.

We endorse a rinse in case your vehicle is blanketed in dust. Waterless vehicle washes will now no longer paintings towards caked-on dust.

Step 1

To make 8 sides, fold a microfiber towel in 1/2 of. A microfiber towel is used as it has excessive absorbency and softness. This facilitates to choice of dust particles.

Important Note: Before the usage of towels, we endorse that they are easy.

Step 2

You can divide your vehicle into sections so that you can paintings on exceptional elements at an identical time.

  • Side glasses
  • The roof
  • The trunk and hood
  • Side doors (top 1/2 of).
  • The the front bumper
  • The rear bumper
  • The decrease 1/2 of of facet doors
  • The wheel

For exceptional elements of your vehicle, you may want to put on exceptional microfiber clothing. If the material will become too grimy or if it accumulates particles, you need to prevent the usage of it. A microfiber towel that isn’t well used can reason scratches on your car. Do now no longer reuse microfibers that might be grimy without washing them first.

Step 3

To keep away from product spillage, begin on the pinnacle of your vehicle.

Spray the waterless vehicle shampoo onto one panel after which wipe it with a gentle fabric in an S-fashioned movement to get rid of dust. Use a microfiber fabric to speedy buff the car’s floor.

Step 4

If the towel will become too grimy, you could use any other facet. It is vital to apply an easy facet whenever. This will now no longer permit dust to go back to the automobile. You can repeat this system for all different elements of the car. Because brake pads can incorporate chemical fluids, we endorse that you use a separate microfiber towel.


Here you are! Your vehicle could be bright and easy, that is some distance extra than any ordinary vehicle wash station.

We consider waterless vehicle washing is the destiny of waterless vehicle washing, specifically in a rustic like ours that has no water resources. To provide again immediately to the community, we consider in simplest hiring neighborhood humans for our vehicle washing service.

Join us on our quest to keep hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of liters each year.

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