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The Best of Spanking Art

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One of the most well-known pieces of spanking art is that of Eutychus. In this work, he has typically depicted strapping his spankee to a wooden bench in a nudity-induced state. His spanking instruments include belts, switches, birch rods, and nettles. Each piece also bears Euticus’ signature in a Gothic font.

Everton’s spanking art
Taking inspiration from porn websites, Everton’s photography often involves nude subjects. The latest show he’s put together is titled “Pieta” and features a young man that Everton is holding in his arms. The photographs are a raucous and provocative way to display the spanking tradition. They’d look right at home in a gallery but will look even better on your wall.

Eve Howard’s spanking art
For more than 20 years, Eve Howard has created spanking erotica that has been widely distributed. She has written 11 books, produced more than 200 videos, and has appeared in many of her own productions. Eve’s writings are often romantic and eloquently portray the battle of the sexes with a BDSM twist. She also served as editor of Stand Corrected, a magazine that raised the bar for spanking publications.

Spanking erotica is Eve Howard’s greatest passion. Her spanking art and erotica is widely recognized, and her novels and spanking videos have become bestsellers. Her spanking stories feature seductive young women who seduce men and end up being punished for their sins. Her spanking art videos are both provocative and entertaining, and her videos have been widely praised and viewed by millions of readers.

Shadow Lane’s spanking art
If you’re new to spanking videos, you should probably check out the company known as “Shadow Lane” – a publishing house and spanking video production company. The company has been around since the 80s. Among its spanking art products are videos of a variety of spanking techniques and styles, as well as spanking art books. The company’s spanking art videos have been viewed by millions of people worldwide, so you can be sure that you’ll find plenty of them to enjoy.

Since 1980, Shadow Lane has been a publishing house and spanking video production company. Its catalog includes spanking videos by top spankers as well as interviews with women who have been spanked. Some fans have even discovered the real-life spanking scene by following social networking patterns. However, many of these fans were not aware of the existence of real-life spanking videos. Regardless, it’s worth checking out the magazine for some vintage spanking art that makes this company so beloved.

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