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The Art of Spanking

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There are many ways to depict spanking in art. Comics, for example, take an event that occurs over real time and reduce it to one frame. Using different techniques, comic artists make the event appear non-literal while also creating a heightened sense of impact. Animation, on the other hand, is a more literal representation of the event. And while both forms depict the same phenomenon, the impact of each takes on a different sensory dimension.

Cliff Young
Cliff Young’s art evokes emotion, and the style of his spanking is unique. This style was first popularized in newspapers, where Cliff Young created a newspaper strip called Polly and Her Pals. The cartoonists were intended to tone down the potential erotic content of the strip. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that female artists started to create their own F/F scenes. While there are a few examples of female spanking artists, Cliff Young’s style is most often considered the definitive example of the art form.

Eve Howard
The shadow lane publishing house and magazine has been producing and publishing spanking art and videos since the late 1980s. The company is run by Eve Howard, a former spanking model and editor of Spank Hard magazine. She also creates and publishes books about the “romantic discipline” of spanking. Her products are especially popular among female spankers. They include books about the art of spanking, as well as magazines, books and DVDs.

Eve Howard has been creating spanking erotica for over twenty years, and has published eleven books in the Shadow Lane series and over 200 spanking videos. In addition, she has starred in her own films and novels. Her books are often romantic, depicting a battle of the sexes with a BDSM twist. In the 1990s, she also became the editor of Stand Corrected magazine, which set the bar for spanking erotica.

Her books and videos are often feminist-friendly and female-friendly, and are aimed at allowing people to feel good about spanking. Her work has been a part of the spanking world for over twenty years, and she continues to grow her business. Her company, Shadow Lane, is the social heart of the real-life spanking community. Eve Howard spanks both men and women. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and calico cat.

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