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The AHRC Business Links

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The AHRC Business Links New York City Foundation has established security measures to protect your personal information. While they do limit who has access to this information, AHRC cannot guarantee that your personal information is always safe. Additionally, AHRC cannot guarantee that their website will always be free from viruses. You should therefore be cautious when entering your personal information on their website.

Links to AHRC’s website
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC Business Links) is an independent, non-government organisation that promotes and protects human rights in Asia. It works to create greater awareness of the importance of human rights and mobilises Asian and international public opinion to seek redress for the victims of human rights abuses.

AHRC New York City Foundation’s website
The AHRC New York City Foundation is a non-profit fund raising and grant-making entity that provides assistance to people with disabilities. They support programs that help people with disabilities live as full and independent lives as possible. They also provide training workshops and community engagement. Thousands of people in New York City have benefited from the programs of AHRC.

The AHRC New York City Foundation’s mission is to advance the social, economic, and human rights of people with disabilities. This is achieved by providing qualified employees, helping businesses lower their staff turnover, and creating a more inclusive work environment for people with disabilities. Through their work, individuals with disabilities have the ability to choose their careers and become active members in their communities.

AHRC’s Nassau chapter
AHRC’s Nassau chapter is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities. The organization has been operating for over 60 years and provides a range of services to over two thousand people in Nassau County. In addition to their services, the organization offers business development programs and information on financing and job retention. For local business owners, the AHRC’s Nassau chapter provides links to organizations, government contracts, and other resources.

AHRC Nassau was formed in 1949, when most people with developmental disabilities were confined to institutions or hidden away in their homes. Today, the organization’s mission has expanded to include all of Nassau County. AHRC Nassau is a nonprofit organization run by local volunteers and professional staff.

To reach AHRC Nassau, take the Long Island Expressway westbound. From there, take Exit 48. Turn left at the traffic light. Proceed about a half mile to the AHRC. Parking is available in front of the building. Wheelchair parking is also available.

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