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Texas Tech vs Oklahoma: The Power Ranking of the Best Tech Schools in America

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There’s something special about being a member of a program in which all the players see eye-to-eye on the same goals and objectives. For example, do you know any Division I football teams that have as many players from the same high school as Oklahoma? If you said yes, then you’re right. Tech has one of the most competitive athletics programs in the country, and that can be seen by how much its fans rank their favorite schools in America. The Red Raiders are always among the best in college football and men’s basketball. But even though they finished 8-5 this season, Tech fans want to see their team rise above its competitors once again in 2018. That’s why they’re putting their money down on Oklahoma — especially since the Sooners will be playing host to its rival for two in two games at home this year.

What is the all-time record between Oklahoma and Texas Tech?
The all-time record between the two teams is pretty much even — 257-257. Oklahoma leads the all-time series in wins, wins percentage, and total points scored. Texas Tech has won the last three games, and they have the advantage in the all-time series, too — 45-41-1.

What makes Tech’s team more competitive against Oklahoma than any other program in America?
Well, for one, the Red Raiders finished 8-5 this season, which is better than the winning percentage of 9-4 TCU and the record of 10-2 Oklahoma. Furthermore, Tech is coming off a game against Memphis, which was its toughest game of the season. So the team is still very much a work in progress, and it’s expected to get more competitive as the season goes on.

How will playing at home affect the Red Raiders?
Playing at home always gives a team a boost when it comes to the polls, but it can also be an unfair advantage for other programs, depending on when and where games are played. For example, the Baylor Bears were given an “A” for hosting their first Big 12 game against TCU but were penalized for their first-quarter outburst, which led to them having to watch from the sidelines. Playing in Norman, however, is a completely different experience. The student section is the best in the entire country, the stadium is packed every game, and the fans are known for being very vocal and passionate.

Will the addition of another National Championship to its trophy case help the team this season?
Well, it’s clear that the addition of a National Championship to the Red Raiders’ trophy case helps any school, no matter what level of play they’re at. So, yes, playing in Norman will help the team this season. In fact, it’ll help the program get to the point where the National Champion is determined by a vote of the coaches, players, and the public. For teams that are rebuilding, it can be a difficult task to participate in a conference title game. But for a program that’s been to two National Championship games, winning a third will be no cakewalk.

In 2018, what will make Tech’s team more competitive against Oklahoma than before?
The addition of a head coach from Oklahoma — and a former Oklahoma quarterback in that case — should help the Red Raiders’ cause. So, yes, the team will be more competitive if it wins the national championship. In the meantime, however, the Red Raiders will do their best to remain at the top of their game. They’ll work on improving their offensive and defensive schemes, while also competing every day to be the best team in the country.

Bottom line
Finally, make sure to stay engaged with your favorite team this college football season. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or you just want to support your school, make time for your team this year. When you don’t have anything else to do, you can usually find your team practicing or playing at home. If you want to support your school, make sure to support your team, as well. And don’t forget to lock arms with your schoolmates and put pressure on your favorite couch.

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