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Tech N9ne Caribou Lou: A Funny Cartoon Character You’ll Love

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In the world of comedy, there are some stand-out performers that have one special skill. They’re able to tell a great story, perform a variety of different tasks, and have an engaging sense of humor. Caribou Lou is one such artist. The Canadian comedian has spent much of his career playing various characters in animated series or movies. In his own right, he’s a talented voice actor who lends his talents as an audiobook narrator and author of several books on personal development, among other things. But perhaps his most prominent role to date is as the lovable character “Caribou Lou” in the hit Netflix animated series “Unclassified” (2012–2017). That show was only recently released on DVD so we decided to check it out as part of our new monthly Cartoon Network Classic movie review series — and not just for nostalgic laughs but also to see how it compares with its predecessors. tech n9ne caribou lou

What is the cartoon series “Unclassified”?
“Unclassified” is an American children’s television series that ran on the digital cable network Netflix from February 12, 2017, to May 18, 2017. It is a spin-off of the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why”, which is set in the same universe. “Unclassified” is a dark and confusing world where everything is classified — right down to what and when you can and cannot say. You can find everything from top-secret government documents to your local Pizza Hut — and everyone in between. The series follows the struggles of an average teenager, Hannah, and her classmates as they navigate the world of “Unclassified”.

How to watch Caribou Lou: A Funny Cartoon Character You’ll Love online

If you want to watch “Unclassified” online, you can choose from many different places. The best place to start is with Netflix. You can watch “Unclassified” on Netflix in the United States. You can also check out other Netflix regions like Asia, Europe, and Australia, where “Unclassified” is available on Netflix. There are also a few cable TV providers that offer “Unclassified” as part of the basic cable lineup. You can, of course, also watch “Unclassified” on your computer or mobile device.

All the scenes and jokes you need to know about “Unclassified”
If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in the 1950s or ’60s, you’ll love living in this world. From the everyday problems and challenges faced by teens to the more unusual and extreme situations teenagers find themselves in, “Unclassified” is filled with moments that will make you smile, crack a few jokes and think about your own teen years.

Who can play Caribou Lou?
This is actually an option in the series. If you select “all”, then all of your favorite voice actors from the show will voice characters in the show including Creator and Executive Producer Jenji Kohan. The voice casting is pretty extensive, so if you want to watch the show with your teens, you may want to select another option.

The voice acting in “Unclassified”
You’ll notice right away that “Unclassified” features some of the best voice acting around. The show has a wide range of talented voice actors who each bring their own style to the show. From the serious and calm to the comedic and playful, you’ll find that each series has its own unique voice and rhythm.

The best parts of the show
The best parts of “Unclassified” are when it mixes serious themes with light-hearted action and adventure. The show’s underlying message is that you never really know what will happen next. The only thing that matters is that you’re living and trying your best. While there are many shows that focus on being happy and living in the now, “Unclassified” takes a slightly different approach by showing that even though the future is unknown, the past, present, and future are connected.

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