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mushroom art trippy

Mushroom Art and Preventing Dementia

I have always enjoyed botanical illustrations, so it only made sense to take my interest in the botanical world and turn it into a...

What is Mushroom Art?

Mushrooms are an intriguing medium for artists. They represent the subconscious, a source of inspiration and change for many people. Artists who work with...

Mycelium and Mushroom Art

If you've ever wondered what mushrooms look like, you have come to the right place. This article will explain what Mycelium, or the fungal...

The Mushroom Art

Mushrooms are an unlikely medium for artists, but their connection to art goes way back. Artists have long used Ink Caps (Mollusks) to create...

Mushroom Art

What makes mushroom art so unique? The medium of art and a muse to the human imagination - what more could a person ask...

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