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The Role of Coaches in Elite Amateur Sports

While the Ontario University Athletics Association has pushed to gain elite status, the Ontario Government has banned post-secondary sports from the list of elite...

Restrictions on Return-To-Play in Elite Amateur Sports

The Ontario government announced the latest restrictions on return-to-play in elite amateur sports. Athletes training for the Olympics, select professional sports leagues, and Ontario...

OUA Athletes Can Play in Elite Amateur Sports in Ontario

Ontario has made a change to its elite amateur sports policy. Athletes from the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) will once again be eligible to...

The NCAA Shuts Down Elite Amateur Sports

The Ontario University Athletics team was left out of the list of elite amateur sports, and many of its players and coaches are upset....

Ontario Bans Elite Amateur Sports

Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently announced new restrictions on sports activity. This ban covers all amateur and professional sports activity in the province until...

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