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Sports That Begin With T

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There are many different sports that begin with T. Tennis is the most well known one, but there are also table tennis and cricket games. Cricket has two different versions – Twenty20 and Test Cricket. Golf is another sport that starts with a T – tees. And if you think that only 4 letter sports begin with the letter T, think again.

In addition to tennis, table soccer, and taekwondo are other sports that begin with the letter T. Other sports with the letter T include track and field, tchoukball, and triathlon. You may even have heard of some T-shirts that are related to the letter T.

A free printable board game is another way to learn the names of sports that start with t. Students play the game in pairs and use a single dice to make a dialogue based on the sport that they land on. The students need to land on the middle squares in order to advance. The first player to five points wins.

Among the many sports that begin with t, tennis polo is an outdoor team sport in which players attempt to throw a tennis ball through a goal. Another sports event is tchoukball, an indoor team sport in which players throw a tennis ball onto a rebound frame without being caught. Other sports that begin with t include tractor pulling, a motorsport involving modified tractors that pull weighted sleds. Trampolining, a sacrobatic activity, is another athletic event. Another sports activity is tower running, which is also called stair climbing.

Another sport with a T-shirt is lacrosse. Similar to lacrosse, the objective of a lumberjack game is to knock the opponent off a stage onto the water. There is even a game called swamp football in which players stand on surfboards and use their limbs as propulsion. In contrast, luge is another racquet sport played on a two-lane course. Interestingly, lacrosse is the only sport that is played exclusively by men. The rest are played by women.

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