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Should You Drink Sport Tea?

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Sport tea is a natural energy drink that is formulated to boost your performance and increase your mental alertness. Its blend of ingredients delivers a mellow energy boost without the bitterness of ginseng, making it an ideal choice for sports drinkers. The drink also contains Siberian eleuthero root, a potent superfood. It provides long-lasting energy and supports endurance. It also helps prevent muscle damage, which is great for athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts.

It is hypotonic, which means that it is great for athletes with moderate to high demands on energy. It can be served warm or cold and contains no added sugars or sweeteners. It is also vegan and free of gluten, lactose, sugar, and preservatives. It also has a high concentration of electrolytes. Typical serving size of sport tea is 12-15 liters. This drink is a natural thirst quencher and can be consumed either hot or cold.

It contains 100% of the RDA for vitamin C, ginger, and electrolytes, and it has no caffeine. It is a great alternative to sugary energy drinks and does not have an aftertaste. The caffeine-free blend also helps relieve stress. Aside from being a natural energy drink, SPORTea also has no calories. It is made in the USA. If you are wondering whether to drink sport tea or not, it’s worth a try.

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