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Security Vulnerabilities Businesses Must Consider

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Many businesses take basic precautions to protect their property from burglars and other threats, but they may overlook certain security vulnerabilities Businesses. One common weakness is inadequate exterior lighting. An unlit building is a prime target for thieves because it makes it difficult to spot them and draw police attention to the scene. Adding exterior lighting, such as motion-sensitive lighting, can help deter thieves.

Types of Security Vulnerabilities Businesses
The types of security vulnerabilities businesses face vary widely. Some are caused by misconfigured systems, while others are the result of human error. Both types can result in the exposure of sensitive data. For example, a negligent employee can upload sensitive data to an unsecured website or public database. Other vulnerabilities are caused by internal processes, such as weak passwords.

Software vulnerabilities are common examples of vulnerabilities that allow intruders to install malware on a computer. These malicious programs can be installed remotely on a device or over the Internet. Once on a device, they can infect the host operating system or even infect the entire network. The malware can then access sensitive data or even lock down the machine and demand a ransom.

How to Prevent Security Vulnerabilities Businesses
In addition to outside attackers, insiders can also create security vulnerabilities businesses. Malware, spyware, viruses, and other forms of malware can be spread from within a company. This insider threat can have just as large an impact as external attacks. The FBI learned this lesson in 2001 with the unmasking of insider Robert Philip Hanssen.

Businesses must take precautions to prevent security breaches by installing and using cybersecurity software. This software should be regularly updated, and employees should be educated about the tools. Updates are important because they fix vulnerabilities and holes in existing security software, making them more difficult to penetrate and hack. This way, employees will be more aware of how to protect sensitive data.

What is the Impact of Data Breaches?
The financial impact of data breaches is often hard to estimate, but there are a number of hidden costs that a business must consider. These costs can include PR and legal fees as well as an increase in insurance premiums. Regulatory fines are also a very real cost that many businesses do not consider. For example, managed-care company Well point paid $1.7 million in fines for failing to perform due diligence.

Internally, a data breach can impact every department within a company. Not only does it lead to a downtime in productivity, but it can also make people feel unsafe. Depending on the nature of the breach, it may also result in the departure of key employees. If the organization fails to address the problem quickly, it may find itself losing customers and executives.

How to Secure Systems and Data
To secure data and systems, a business must have a strategy that protects against unauthorized access and theft. Good data security starts with knowing where data resides and identifying who should have access to it. This can be achieved through authentication and encryption. Good data security also includes processes and technologies that allow for real-time monitoring and alerts. The company should also have processes for deleting sensitive data.

The organization should have a solid IT framework, as this forms the foundation for its data security plan. Ensure that all computers and smart devices are protected with the latest virus and malware protections.

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