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Russian Fashion Blogger In New York: Meet Nastya Krasilnikova

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In today’s digital world, it is easy to find online how-tos and earn money as a blogger. But there are still ways to go and that’s where individual bloggers come in. In this article, we will get our hands dirty and find out who one such blogger is: the russian fashion blogger in New York, Nastya Krasilnikova.


Nastya Krasilnikova is a Russian fashion blogger who has recently relocated to New York City. She started her blog, Nastya’s Style, in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Russia. Her blog is focused on high-end fashion and features posts about designers, runway shows, and latest trends.
Krasilnikova was drawn to New York City for its creative atmosphere and vibrant fashion scene. “I love the energy here – it’s so inspirational,” she says. “There are so many talented people working in fashion here, and I’m excited to start learning from them.” Krasilnikova has already started to make a name for herself in the city with appearances at major events like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow and London Collections Men. She plans to keep blogging while living in New York and will be introducing American readers to some of Russia’s most fashionable stars.

What is a Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?

Nastya Krasilnikova is a Russian fashion blogger who lives in New York City. She started her blog in 2013, and it quickly became popular for its fashion and beauty tips. Nastya also posts about lifestyle topics like travel and food. Her blog has since been translated into English and Spanish, and she has built a large following online. In addition to her blog, Nastya is also an influencer and spokesperson for various brands. She has worked with brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, and Maybelline. Currently, she is the brand ambassador for Sephora Russia. Nastya is a dedicated blogger who loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with her readers. She is also active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where she shares photos of her travels and lifestyle tips.

How did She End Up in the States

Nastya Krasilnikova, a Russian fashion blogger who now lives in New York City, started her blog in 2012 as a way to share her love of clothes and style with others. At the time, she was living in Moscow and working as a graphic designer. After moving to the United States, she started working full-time as a blogger and has since built an audience of over 370,000 followers on Instagram and 350,000 subscribers on her blog.

In addition to blogging about fashion, Nastya also creates stylish videos that help people learn how to dress better for their body type. She also speaks at events around the city and shares advice on how to live life confidently and creatively.

Nastya’s story is an inspiring example of what can be achieved by following your dreams and working hard. She has made great strides in her career since moving to the US and continues to grow steadily thanks to her dedicated fanbase.

Professionally, Is She Doing Well?

Nastya Krasilnikova is a Russian fashion blogger who moved to the United States in 2014. She started her blog, NastyGal, in 2012 while still living in Russia. The blog covers all things fashion-related, from outfit ideas and styling tips to behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shows. In addition to blogging, Krasilnikova also works as a freelance stylist and makeup artist. She has worked with some of the world’s top designers, including Prabal Gurung and John Richmond. Her work has been featured in ELLE Russia, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, and more. As one of Russia’s leading fashion bloggers, Krasilnikova is no stranger to success. She has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Stylist of the Year award from Stylelist magazine in 2015. Her popularity has led her to collaboration projects with high-profile brands like Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. Although she still lives in New York City, Krasilnikova says she misses her home country “more than anything”—especially her furry friends!

Her Style and Approach to Fashion and Blogging

Nastya Krasilnikova is a Russian fashion blogger who moved to New York City in 2013. She started her blog, Nasty Girl Style, in 2012 as a way to document her personal style and share it with others. Her blog has since become one of the most popular fashion blogs in Russian-speaking communities around the world.

Krasilnikova’s approach to fashion is unique. She focuses on high-quality, well-made pieces that can be worn day or night. Her blog features both contemporary and classic designs, and she often includes photos of herself wearing the items she’s featured.

Krasilnikova’s blog has won several awards, including Best Fashion Blog at the 2014 Moscow Fashion Week Awards and Best Style Blog at the 2015 Russian Blog Awards. She has also been featured on popular magazines like Vogue Russia and Harper’s Bazaar Russia, and she was selected as one of the top ten bloggers in Russia by ELLE magazine in 2016.

Krasilnikova lives in Brooklyn with her husband and dog, and she says that being a full-time blogger has given her more freedom than ever before. She is currently working on a new book about her life as a blogger, which is scheduled for release later this year.

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