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Roxanne Wolf Fan Art

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Roxanne Wolf, the main character in the FNAF Security Breach episode, is a lovable character. She has a silver tresses with a green streak, and her outfit is reminiscent of the 1980s. Fans of the show will enjoy her sexy style and witty personality, which is often captured in fan art. Although she’s a bit haughty, her personality makes her an adorable character.

_alasion’s roxanne wolf fan art
Fans of _alasion’s Roxanne Wolf often create fan art based on the character. The character was heavily influenced by the image of a wolf. The actress has a silver tail with a silver tip and waist-length gray hair. Her muzzle and inner ears are also silver. Her hands and feet have claws. Her eyelids are purple, and she wears black mascara. She also has black stripes on her cheeks.

_alasion’s roxanne wolf FNAF Security Breach fan art
Fans of the television series The 100 have begun to create artwork featuring Roxanne Wolf from the show. This character is a gray wolf with amber eyes and a gray tail with a silver tail-tip. She has silver inner ears and claws on her hands and feet. Her eyes are purple, with black mascara and stripes on her cheeks. She has a ball-jointed body, arms, and legs.

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