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PRX-T33 For A Youthful Face

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Probably every woman dreams that caring for her skin and body is quick and easy, like in a fairy tale or movie. Fortunately, cosmetology is developing rapidly, and in the arsenal of specialists, there are more and more tools that can radically improve the condition of facial skin. For example, PRX-T33 peel. Let’s see what this tool is.

PRX-T33 Composition – Why Does It Work?

On the website of the manufacturer, the Italian cosmetic company WIQO, PRX-T33 peeling is called a liquid laser, because the result of its use is comparable to expensive laser facial resurfacing and is an alternative to biorevitalization.

What is the secret of this wonderful product, on the composition of which WIQO has been working for more than 10 years? Let’s look at the active components:

  • 33% trichloroacetic acid;
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • 5% kojic acid.

Trichloroacetic acid has been used as a chemical peel formulation since the mid-20th century. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, tightens pores, and reduces sebum secretion. Trichloroacetic acid exfoliates dead cells, penetrates into the middle layers of the skin, accelerates blood circulation, nutrition, and renewal, and stimulates the growth of fibroblasts – connective tissue cells that produce collagen and elastin. But the classic TCA peel is quite traumatic and after it, a rehabilitation period is required.

Hydrogen peroxide, on contact with the skin, produces an oxidative reaction in which oxygen is released. It not only effectively cleans, but also blocks the damaging effect of trichloroacetic acid on the surface and at the same time enhances its effect inside.

Kojic acid inhibits the production of the coloring pigment melanin in the skin, brightens its tone, and helps fight age spots and freckles.

Thus, PRX-T33 peeling allows you to cope with the problems of both young skins (acne and post-acne, keratosis) and mature skin (wrinkles, age spots, skin laxity).

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How to Rehabilitate the Skin After Peeling?

The very first thing that happens to the skin is peeling. Thus, the dermis gets rid of the damaged layer. The danger of this process is the loss of moisture. Because chemically damaged skin does not hold water well.

The second thing that happens is that the crusts begin to tighten the skin and peel off. And here often our hands itch – to remove these crusts, which is absolutely impossible to do.

It is best to use creams or serums that will act directly on the “peel” – moisturizing serums with hyaluronic acid, for example. Such products will not only moisturize, but also resist inflammation and have a regenerating effect. Often, experts recommend using products containing dexpanthenol with strong skin tightening.

Further, on our skin, there is a restoration of the protective functions of the skin. During this period, it is worth giving preference to emollient creams. Such creams should repeat the functions of the stratum corneum – to protect. But for oily skin, it is better to pay attention to emulsions so as not to provoke the process of inflammation.

During the recovery period, it is very good to add creams with active ingredients to the care, because it is during this period that the skin’s permeability is very high. For example, for skin prone to hyperpigmentation, it is good to connect products with vitamin C, kojic acid, and arbutin. For skin that needs additional collagen synthesis, a product with vitamin C, and retinol is also well suited.

The cream to be used after peeling should help restore the epidermal barrier (eg, omega-6 products, phospholipids, ceramides, Shea butter), regenerate (placenta products, bisabolol, dexpanthenol) skin, and act as an antioxidant (products with vitamins C, E, selenium, glutathione, green tea extracts, grape seeds).

And the most important thing that should not be neglected in the whole process after any peeling is the use of products with an SPF factor.

So, in order for skin recovery after peeling to go smoothly, you need:

  • on the day of the peeling, exclude the adoption of any thermal procedures (sauna, hot bath, shower), sports, alcohol, allergic products (for example, seafood or exotic fruits), the use of scrubs, or any other means that damage the skin;
  • after peeling, you can not use scrubs, open inflammatory elements on your own, in no case tear off the crusts, exclude exposure to the sun and visit a solarium, exclude alcohol-containing cosmetics, and do not paint eyebrows for three days after the peeling procedure.

What Must Be Done?

Include delicate skin cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, regeneration, and protection with SPF in the care, if necessary, the cosmetologist can prescribe antihistamines. And, most importantly, for everything to go smoothly, you must definitely follow the recommendations of your beautician.

Peeling Effect PRX-T33

So, the active component of PRX-T33 peeling penetrates under the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, and works inside. After the procedure, there may be only slight redness, which quickly disappears. And the effect is noticeable immediately, so many women do this procedure to prepare for going out. And do not wait for autumn or winter, PRX-T33 can be done all year round.

Here are the Results You Can Get:

  1. Inflammation and black spots disappear, and pores shrink.
  2. Skin tone is brightened, and age spots and freckles become less noticeable.
  3. The skin is tightened and toned, due to this, the oval of the face is tightened. Peeling gives a slight lifting effect.
  4. Small mimic wrinkles disappear, and the surface becomes smoother and even.

The course of procedures gives a noticeable effect of rejuvenation, which lasts for a long time.

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