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List of the Best Resources to Save ZEC and BTC

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When storing crypto, you take much more responsibility than holding a traditional bank account. In case of choosing an unreliable wallet, you’d be at great risk of being hacked. That’s why selecting the right crypto wallet is important, and this decision requires preparation and research. Let’s look at the best crypto wallets to use when you buy ZEC to BTC

How to Choose the Best Wallet to Keep Your Crypto?

There are thousands of crypto wallets available on the market. They can be categorized into several subtypes:

  • Web wallets are storages that run in a browser. 
  • Mobile wallets are presented in the form of downloadable mobile applications.
  • Desktop wallets are presented in the form of downloadable applications for desktop computers.
  • Hardware wallets are devices similar to USB drives that contain private keys recorded.
  • Paper wallets are QR-coded private keys printed onto paper. 

Each storage option comes with its advantages. In general, the harder your private keys are to access, the safer your cryptocurrency typically is. This is why the options at the bottom of this list are considered to be the safest, from a certain perspective. By the way, these are also “cold” wallets, meaning that they do not require access to the Internet. Still, web, mobile, and desktop are “hot” wallets that are much more popular. 

Top Zcash Wallets

Zcash is a privacy-focused blockchain. So, when looking for wallets to store its coins — ZEC, you naturally should pay attention to privacy and security features. If you want a physical device — a hardware wallet — for maximum security, you may want to compare Trezor vs Ledger. Otherwise, here are the top Zcash hot wallets. 

Official Zcash Client

This option is officially endorsed by Zcash. So, it has the core privacy functionality built-in. It supports 64 bit Linux operation system only and requires a lot of disk space. It’s not a typical retail wallet and will require more tech skills to install and use. 


Back in 2014, Jaxx was created by an Ethereum co-founder. This wallet is compatible with more than 80 cryptocurrencies. Besides, it supports cold storage integration. Jaxx also has a mobile app available and the Google Chrome extension. There is a sync feature, so you can pair Jaxx with several devices. 


It is a professional-level, multichain wallet with access to over 1,700 tokens, 125 blockchains, and a built-in crypto exchange feature. Coinomi has a user-friendly interface and a good reputation among investors.

Nighthawk Wallet

It is a Z-address native mobile wallet that was built specifically for Zcash. It protects users’ privacy by default with the help of shielded ZEC pools. It’s also a self-custody wallet, meaning the private keys are stored on your mobile device and nowhere else. 

Best Wallets to Store BTC

Here is the list of the best Bitcoin hot wallets:


It is a great BTC desktop and mobile wallet option for new users. It has an easy-to-use interface and a wide selection of assets you can store besides BTC (200+ cryptocurrencies). Exodus doesn’t have fees on Bitcoin and supports credit cards and Apple Pay.


It is another open-source wallet that features a no-frills approach. It’s been around for a decade, so it’s well-tested too. It’s a Bitcoin-only wallet, meaning that you won’t be able to store other cryptocurrencies. Integration with the Bitcoin Lightning Network allows for instant BTC transactions. 


It is another open-source and mobile-only wallet. It can even be used with some hardware wallets. Probably the most interesting thing about this storage is the built-in exchange feature with custom transaction fees. Mycelium supports BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens. 


It is a privacy-focused and non-custodial wallet that supports Bitcoin only. It is presented in the form of a desktop app compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. A core feature of Wasabi is that it has the CoinJoin protocol that enables anonymous BTC transactions. 

Convenient Wallet for the Crypto Is a Must-Have for Every Investor

Your crypto wallet is your gateway to the world of cryptocurrency. Its features determine how safe your crypto will be and how you can handle it overall. 

Now that you know reliable storage options, you can choose the one from the list depending on your budget (hardware wallets are usually the most expensive ones), the device you will be using, and your portfolio (only BTC or multi). 

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