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How to Use .3125 As a Fraction In Your Text

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You might be wondering how you can use .3125 as a fraction in your text. What does it mean? How do you use it? How can you use it in your text?

Although it’s not strictly a part of how you write, the .3125 as a fraction system is actually very useful if you’re looking to make your text easily readable.

That’s right—use it like any other part of your text, and you’ll be fine. You don’t need to understand how it works to use it, and you don’t need to be a professional author to use it.

It’s especially useful when deciding how to end a line or a paragraph, or when you’re just looking for some help. You don’t have to understand how it works or understand why it’s helpful or not, since you can see exactly what it does and don’t do.

Here’s how to use it!

What does a .3125 As a Fraction Look Like?

A .3125 as a fraction is simply a percentage that ranges between .3125 and .3625. A great way to start looking at it would be to think of it as a range. It’s a range that’s between .3125 and .3625, and it represents how much of each part of your text you want to use.

A good rule of thumb to help you decide which parts of your text to use as a .3125 as a fraction is this: If you can’t understand why some parts of your text are better than others, then put that down to a lack of understanding. There’s no point in trying to explain everything to someone who’s just getting started.

That said, there are definitely parts of your text that you can’t put a .3125 as a fraction in. These are the parts that are best left as is.

How to Use a .3125 As a Fraction in Your Text

There are a few different ways to use a .3125 as a fraction in your text. You can either adjust the size of the Text or the Spacing in Text to fit your page, or you can use it to indicate a certain length or distance between words or paragraphs.

Adjust the Size of Text

Adjusting the size of your text can really help make your reading experience more comfortable. It’s definitely a good idea to break a long text into smaller chunks so that each word or paragraph feels a little less intimidating. This can help with keeping your mind from wandering and your writing from sounding choppy.

Adjust the Spacing in Text

If you’re adding text to a paragraph or writing a blog post, you may want to put it at the end of the paragraph. While it’s easy to put the text at the end of a paragraph when you’re just starting out, it’s counterproductive since it interferes with the flow of the other words in the paragraph.

Adjust the Distance between Words or Paragraphs

When you’re just starting out as a writer, you may not even want to put words or phrases in between your paragraphs. This can also become a problem if you’re constantly writing and re-writing your text. If you need to add a new word or phrase to your text, or you need to change a word or two, but you don’t want to make it seem like you’re constantly thinking about it, you can use it to set a distance between the words or paragraphs.


The .3125 as a fraction system is a great way to start looking at how your text works. It makes your text easily legible, easy to read, and easy to understand. When you’re done with the tips & tricks of the .3125 as a fraction system, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your intended effect.

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