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How to Streameast NFL Football Season

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The NFL regular season kicks off every year on the weekend closest to Halloween, and like all good horror movies gore ghouls, and haunted houses, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit with the Streameast fantasy football season. Here’s how to Streameast NFL Football.

Play the Scariest Game

The Halloween-themed games are always the most nerve-wracking and scary. With high stakes and scary rules, there’s no chance of escape. Teams will play in orange jerseys, and players will only be allowed to dance if they’re in the referee’s business. Football is a sport that’s almost completely man-made. The rules are set by the football gods, and there can be no changing them. If you want to be E.T. you can try to avoid the corn, but you’ll be in for a long, lonely night.

Add Some Black

If the originality of the game isn’t enough to get you in the mood for scary games, add some black to the uniform. As soon as the opposing team sees the shiny new toy, they’ll be on high alert. And if you’re a black coach, players will almost certainly be wearing all-black outfits, too. With the dark theme, the game will be much less scary.

Make It Personal

If you want to really get into the spirit of the holiday, play personal games against your coworkers, the team you play for, or any other team you like. Make it a night where you really put your Muumuu-Ripley on and let loose. If your team wins, it’s just as much your win as theirs. If your coworkers win, they’re just as much your coworkers’ win as yours. There’s no wrong in any of this.

Make the Most of Your Opponent’s Penalties

Penalties can be a serious bummer, but they’re also a great opportunity to flex your sports-writing muscles. Just make sure to credit your sport when you cover a penalty. (And don’t claim the sport doesn’t exist, but your article does.) If you have an extra 300 words to write about a penalty and its effects, go for it. If not, you can still praise players for tackles and field goals, and give the rest of the article room for general NFL news.

Plan for the Different Types of Defense

There are tons of variations on the theme of the Scariest Game, but for those who want to really put it on, try a different type of defense. There are a lot of different types of defenses in the NFL, and one of the most popular is the 4-3-4. When it’s a Scary Game, try switching to a different type of defense. If you have a chance, talk to the coordinator to get an idea of which type they like to use. You may be surprised. A lot of times, you’ll see the opposing team bring a less-than-scary look, but the players will be prepared.

How to Streameast NFL Football

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to Streameast NFL Football, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do is set up your team. This is very simple but very important. We covered this in great detail in our first article, but for those who want a refresher:

– Find a team to match your color scheme

– Find a quarterback who likes to throw a lot

– Find a running back who can catch

– Find a defensive end who likes to rush the passer

– Find an outside linebacker who can rush the passer

– Find a strong safety who can cover

– Find a center that can pass protect

– Find a strong inside linebacker

– Find an interior defensive line

– Find a strong safety

– Find a kicker who can make all kinds of field goals

– Find a special teams coordinator who can help you out


The best way to celebrate Halloween? With your feet up on the table, a pumpkin beer in each hand, and a pile of scary NFL football on the living room TV. And for those who want to really go the distance, check out our favorite pumpkin seed products. From scary seeds to spooky toppings, we have everything you need for the perfect scare.

And remember, don’t forget to get your team in costume! It might be the scariest game of all.

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