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How to Make a Polo Tech Fleece Coat

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Polos are one of the most popular clothing trends in 2018. They’re an easy way to dress up your favorite jeans, or mix and match with other pieces from your closet. Focusing on one specific piece can be challenging, but it’s not necessary with this polo tech fleece coat. A fleece is a light wool or acrylic jacket that offers warm-weather versatility. Combine that with the ease of a polo shirt, and you have a garment that goes with everything. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a polo tech fleece coat… and why you should!

What is a Polo Tech Fleece?
A polo tech fleece is the same lightweight fabric as a polo shirt but with a fleece-like texture. It can be worn as a coat or a sweater, depending on the temperature and your style. It can also be used for undergarments, leggings, and socks. It’s mainly used for sporty looks or a more casual vibe, depending on your preference. Polo tech fleece jackets are one of the most versatile fabrics around. They’re lightweight enough to be worn on warmer days, but they add a layer of warmth when needed. The slick surface makes them great for sailing, running, or everyday wear. They’re also breathable and moisture-wicking, so they’re perfect for active lifestyles. Although they come in a variety of colors, they’re mainly grey or black.

How to Make a Polo Tech Fleece Coat
The first step to making your own polo tech fleece coat is choosing the fabric. You can use the same fabric for both the shirt and the coat, but you can also choose a different color for each. Try to find a lightweight fabric like a microfiber, wool, or poplin. Polyester or cotton will not work as well for this coat, and they may cause it to shrink and become misshapen. You’ll also need to choose the style of the jacket. There are two main styles: a single-breasted jacket or a double-breasted jacket. Each style has its own pros and cons, but you’ll have to decide which works best for your own preferences.

Tips for Making a Polo Tech Fleece Coat
– Ensure the fabric has no stretch. Stretchy materials can cause your jacket to tear and become misshapen.

– Choose a jacket with a slim fit. A slim fit is easier to layer over other pieces and also allows you to wear your shirt untucked.

– Select a jacket with a matte or textured finish. A smooth finish is less versatile and may cause the fabric to wear out sooner.

– Always double-check the length. Especially when you’re making a double-breasted jacket, the length can be altered without you even noticing. Ensure that you have the length correct before beginning the sewing process.

Final Words – How to Wear a Polo Tech Fleece Coat
Whether you’re wearing jeans or a suit, a polo tech fleece coat is a versatile addition to your closet. You can wear it over a t-shirt for a casual look, or dress it up with a blazer. A polo tech fleece also works well under other layers when the weather gets colder. If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket that goes with everything, this one is a perfect choice. With its slimmer fit, casual style, and breathable fabric, this jacket will be a staple in your wardrobe. Plus, it’s easily customizable so you can choose the color, length, and style that works best for you.

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