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How to Deal With Loss of Motivation: Simple Secrets for Inexperienced Athletes

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Everyone has a period when the motivation for fitness decreases. It can be when the goal is achieved and when the desired goal is not achieved for a long time, and also when everything seems to be good, the results are growing, but fitness is simply boring.

At this point, it’s important to enlist the support of those with whom you share similar values in life and who understand what proper motivation and success are.

4 Prominent Symptoms of Decline in Fitness Motivation

  • Working out becomes a chore that is not enjoyable.
  • You feel sorry for yourself and stop working out to your full potential.
  • Your fitness sessions become shorter and shorter, and sometimes you skip your workouts altogether.
  • You always seem to have good reasons for missing a workout – a lot of work, a sore leg (head, back, arm).

You regularly make a promise to yourself to train regularly, you set dates, but the X day passes and everything goes back to normal: you choose meeting with your friends,  betting via a legal sportsbook in New Zealand, or reading a book instead of working out.

Overcoming a slump is challenging. You might be advised to gather your strength in your fist and not give up. In fact, it doesn’t always work. After all, many people start doing fitness and not everyone can achieve the desired result and constantly keep in good shape.

According to statistics, 35% quit exercising after 2-5 months after they started. And how many “sink” after the first month of training!

Why People Quit Working out

Sometimes the reason is purely psychological – a person understands that in order to be always in good shape, it is necessary to train regularly and eat right, eradicate bad habits and sleep the allotted 7-8 hours.

This requires a certain inner motivation because fitness and dieting need to be done day after day, month after month, year after year. And it’s hard, not even physically, but psychologically. After realizing the amount of work, many people just give up.

Another reason is the mismatch between the effort expended and the result obtained. Some people train too intensively, without rest, thinking that the more they do, the sooner they will get into great shape. But the result is still far from what they want. Because in fitness the linear scheme – the more you train and the less you rest, does not work. You can find out why in our article.

You can list other reasons, but almost all of them derive from these two.

Giving up Isn’t the Answer

Remember – you started working out to improve: your appearance, your health, to become more fit and confident.

It’s flattering when friends look at you and ask – “How did you do it?” Isn’t it nice to wake up and feel full of energy and walk through life with confidence. Isn’t that the best motivation for working out? These are feelings that are definitely worth fighting for.

And the cowardly thought of quitting everything, probably comes to mind, probably, to everyone who started fitness classes. And at this point, it’s very important that you have someone to support you on the way to your goal. It can be the support of a friend or a close family member.

An appropriate circle of communication is great for your level of motivation to workout. If you’re looking to get ahead and improve your performance, you need to connect with those who have similar goals and are working effectively to achieve them. After all, who better to support, encourage, challenge or advise you than someone who is moving toward a similar goal! Such support is the key to success.

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