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How to Create a Lib Tech Skunk Ape Blog

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Have you heard of Lib Tech Skunk Ape? If not, let me fill you in. They are the smelliest team in skateboarding. Forget skunk spray, they use lib tech skunk ape juice instead. It’s a good thing because their blog is filled with exactly that kind of stinkin’ awesomeness. Skunk ape juice is the smell produced by skunks which causes them to go into a defensive sphincter-tightening stance when disturbed. When combined with lab tech, it’s the perfect smell for a blog post about skateboarding. To create this blog, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Define the Problem
There are a lot of skunk problems out there, and many of them are caused by human behavior. If a skunk were to smell us, they would most likely go a little crazy. So, how can you stop a skunk from smelling you? Well, you can’t actually see them or touch them, so how can you stop them from “scent-ing” you? The only way to stop a skunk from smelling you is to keep them away from you. So, the first step to solving a skunk problem is to figure out what it is that the skin specifically, the skunk’s probable “zone of influence”, or ZOI. By measuring the distance between you and the skunk and then calculating the skunk’s ZOI, you can eliminate many potential sources of skunk odor. If you are able to eliminate several possible sources of odor, you should be able to reduce the chances of a skunk “catching a scent” on you.

Define the Audience
Now that you know what kind of skunk odor you’re trying to remove, it’s time to figure out who you are trying to transform the stink into. Luckily, skunk odor is universal and can be removed with little more than a freshened-up wardrobe. There are many different kinds of skunks, and the one you are aiming to remove will have a distinctive odor. Once you know what kind of skunk you are dealing with, you can create a blog about your skunk problem and make a difference by helping skunks in disguise feel less alone in the world.

Build the Blog
The first step to blogging about skunks is to coin the internet’s most annoying word: humor. By using your blog as a vehicle for humor, you can break the words of skunk docs and make the world a better place. The rest of the blog development will follow naturally from this.

Choose the Right Words
The best skunk blog titles are ones that sound like they were written by a 14-year-old. So, how do you choose the right words? For one, you’ll want to make sure the main problem you are attempting to solve with your blog is actually a problem the skunk is attempting to solve as well. If your objective is simply to make the skunk smell worse, you’re in the wrong blog. Next, you’ll want to choose the right words. To do this, think about what kind of skunk problem you are trying to solve and what problem your blog is meant to solve.

Summing up
Lib Tech Skunk Ape is the smelliest team in skateboarding. They have been making boards and selling them for over 30 years and their website is filled with knowledge and inspiration for all skaters. The team’s blog is chock-full of repulsive, yet exhilarating, smells. From skunk to skunk, the blog is filled with the smell of skunk. So, whether you’re the skunk-easing type or have a sneaking suspicion that a skunk is nearby, this blog is for you. Keep your nose to the grindstone and you’ll see that blogging about skunks becomes a lot easier when you ignore the smell and just focus on the content itself.

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