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Art and Fiction About Spanking

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Despite its popularity, a wiki about spanking may not be the most accurate source of information. It has many problems, such as inaccurate information, as well as outdated information, so it is best to read a wiki’s history before making major edits. You can also see how a wiki has grown over the years, by checking its wikiFactor. The wiki currently has 3,998 articles and 5,380 images.

The fictional artwork of Euticus often depicts him punishing a male in a bare bottom state. The spankees are strapped to a wooden bench or partially nude. The spanking instruments used by Euticus include canes, birch rods, switches, nettles, and belts. His signature is usually written in Gothic font. In addition to his fictional artwork, Euticus’ spanking art is available in several forms.

In the 1970s, Everton gained worldwide fame with his brazen depictions of sexual subjects. Since then, he has gone on to become a darling among international art galleries. Everton’s recent exhibition is now on view in Laval, Quebec. According to the artist, he was inspired by internet porn sites. He found poses that looked like classic art and used them as a basis for his photographs. “Pieta,” for example, features a naked Everton holding a young man in his arms.

Euticus’s work
The fictional artworks of Euticus often depict his spankees strapped to wooden benches in various states of nudity, either full or partial. Instruments used during the spanking process include switches, birch-rods, canes, nettles, and belts. Moreover, the signature of the author is typically in Gothic font. Despite the fictional setting, Euticus’s spanking art work is surprisingly realistic.

Evergon’s work
Despite the controversy surrounding his pictures of nude subjects, artist Robert Evergon’s photography has gained him a following among the international art gallery set. The most recent show of his work is now on display in Laval, Quebec. He says his inspiration came from browsing internet porn sites. He found poses on these sites that were reminiscent of classic art. For example, his “Pieta” photograph features a naked Evergon holding a young man in his arms.

Shadow Lane
The popular Shadow Lane series of books and DVDs is written by Eve Howard, a former spanking model and author. Her books and videos have been hailed by fans as both erotic and romantic, with a BDSM twist. In the 1980s, Howard started producing spanking erotica for women and marketed them to the adult market. Shadow Lane spanking art is a resurgence of the genre, but it’s not just for the guys.

Eve Howard
The world of spanking is a vastly different place than it used to be, and Eve Howard has done much to change that. She has been writing and publishing spanking art and erotica for over 20 years. Her books are full of descriptions of the social patterns of the spanking community, and she has over 140 spanking videos under her belt. In her spanking art, she focuses on young, seductive women who are provoked and discovered by their sexy partners.

Passion Plays
The use of spanking in art is a form of erotic punishment that is both ancient and contemporary. While the physical act of spanking is prehistoric, the theory behind it is relatively modern. This journal explores the theory and practice of spanking, as well as the emotional and deviant nature of the practice. Its articles are written by experienced spankers and feature the works of some of the most prominent artists in the field.

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