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A List of Sports That Begin With the Letter T

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There are many sport beginning with t, including tennis and table tennis. Cricket, for instance, is another popular sport that starts with the letter T. It has two forms, Twenty20 cricket and Test cricket. Golf, meanwhile, is a four letter sport, beginning with the letter T.

Other sports that begin with the letter T include torball, a game played by blind people in which players attempt to throw a ball with bells inside it through a goal line. Another popular sport is Touch Football, a modified form of American Football derived from Rugby Football. Those interested in auto track racing may also want to learn about Touring Car Racing, a sport that uses heavily modified road cars. Tower Running, also known as stair climbing, is another sport that begins with the letter T.

There are also a wide variety of sports that begin with the letter T, including tennis, table soccer, taekwondo, target shooting, tchoukball, and triathlon. Those with a love of martial arts may be interested in taekwondo, a form of unarmed combat that has been included in several Olympics and World Games. Touring cars are slower than sports cars, but they can reach high speeds with the right equipment and proper maintenance.

Learning about the names of sports in English can be very useful when you are communicating with native speakers of the language or reading about the world of sports. This article features a list of sports in English and includes examples of sentences and interesting pictures. Once you have your list, you’ll be ready to learn the words for these sports and be confident to use them whenever you need them. It’s easy to learn the names of sports in English and you’ll be surprised at how many people you can impress with your newfound knowledge.

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