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7 Ways to Get Brown Nails (Without Dying Your Nails)

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Do you have brown nails? If yes, then you are in great company. Almost nine out of every ten women have some degree of yellowish discoloration on their nails. Those who have brown nails are not-so-rare either. If you too have brown nails, here’s some good news: there are ways to get them without dying your nails. Once you know these solutions, it won’t be too long before your nails are back to their original color, regardless of how much time has passed. Let’s take a look at seven ways to get brown nails without dying them first.

Go For The Natural Look

If you want brown nails but don’t want to risk dying them, then go for the natural look. This is a color that is achieved by wearing a neutral polish that complements your skin tone. When you are choosing your neutral, go for those that are more orange than yellow. If you have yellow nails, then choosing a warm or cool-toned color won’t do anything to change their color. The only way to get brown nails without dying is to go for the natural look. Neutral shades make your nails look more natural and are harder to distinguish from natural nails.

Be Gentle And Gentle With Your Nails

As with any change in nail color, the gentle and gentle application is the best way to go. The color you use should be opaque enough so that it won’t fade too quickly. You also need to avoid applying layers or layers of color. You don’t want your nails to turn brown, but you also don’t want them to fade too quickly.

If you want your nails to look brown, don’t use clear polishes or treatments on them. They will make your nails look lighter in color. Some nail polishes contain whiteners that will make your nails look whiter, not browner. You also need to be careful about the cuticles around your nails. They shouldn’t be too long so that they catch on to things and tear your nails. If they are too short, they can catch on the polish and cause splattering and streaking.

Try Manicuring

If you have long nails and are looking to get brown nails without dying them, manicuring might be your best bet. This is a process that involves filing the nails so that they are short, or filing them to make them look short. It is also a process where you get a fake nail applied. The fake nails come in a variety of colors, including brown. You then stick these artificial nails on your natural nails. Once you have fake nails on your nails, the gentle filing process that results in short nails makes the nails appear brown. Have you tried this? It’s a great way to get brown nails without dying.

Get Your Hands Dirty

If you are looking to get brown nails without dying them, then you should get your hands dirty. This means that you need to really get your hands dirty with both nail polish and dirt. You don’t need to wear it all over your nails, but you do need to get it on your nails. The more you get your nails dirty, the browner your nails will get. If you want to get your nails brown, then you will need to get them dirty. You can do this by painting your nails with black nail polish and then getting your hands dirty! This will make your nails look brown.

Don’t Forget About Your Cuticles

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when getting brown nails is forgetting about their cuticles. This mistake is the reason why many people end up getting rid of the nail that was on the finger that was dominant. The cuticles are the parts of your nails that should be kept short. If they are long, they will catch on to things and tear your nails. If you want brown nails, then you need to keep your cuticles short and clean! Also, don’t just push your cuticles back if they start to get too long. This can cause bacteria to get into your nails and cause discoloration. You can push back your cuticles by gently pulling the cuticles back with your nail when they are long.

Exfoliate And moisturize

While you are getting your hands dirty, you should also be exfoliating your nails. Exfoliating your nails makes them look whiter, making them look more like natural nails. You should also moisturize your nails after exfoliating them and before painting them with nail polish. Moisturizing your nails makes them look and feel soft. This is yet another way to get brown nails without dying them.

Work with a rich moisturizing lotion that you would use on your hands when they are dry. Rub the lotion into your nails and let it sit for a few minutes before you apply nail polish. You can also apply a light hand cream while you sleep. This will help your nails stay moisturized while they are being exposed to the elements.

Remember, your nails grow back!

If you are looking for a lasting solution to get brown nails without dying, then you should look at growth solutions. You can get a solution that will give you long, strong nails that will grow back. If you damage your nails, the solution will grow them back for you. This is a great long-term solution to getting brown nails. It would be tempting to say that the best way to get brown nails is to wait for them to grow out, but that would be a mistake. You can get brown nails even if you are short, but it will take longer. Long-term solutions like these are also less expensive than solutions that allow you to change your nails back and forth.


If you are looking to get brown nails without dying them, then these solutions will come in handy. They are all ways to change your nail color without having to get a manicure first. The easiest of them all would be using a neutral polish. It can also be very easy to get your nails this color if you are just looking to change your current color. You will also find these solutions to be cheaper than other solutions as well. Of course, the best solution of all would be to wait for your nails to grow out. Once they are long enough, you can get your hands on the brown nails that you want.

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